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Hip Hop is Dead

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[Dec. 12th, 2006|05:03 am]
Hip Hop is Dead


So. Feedback, response. This is good. External stimuli to react upon, not much but to be honest I really haven't put myself into this board as much as I'd originally intended too. Maybe I deserve it.

Either way, it doesn't matter.

Today I'd like to talk some about why I think Hip hop is dead. Gangsta rap gets blamed a lot. I guess that's fair. But can't that be hip hop too? I'm curious what others out there think about Nas. I wonder how many would say that Tupac wasn't about real hip hop.

How about Public Enemy?

So why do I think hip hop is dead?

Beware: Long ass rant ahead.

People don't sing with a purpose other than money. This has been said before but I never claimed to be a visionary, I just (poorly) run a blog that lets me run my mouth off. Seems a lot of people do that, run their mouth off. Popular rappers do it all the damn time. Hell, the first reply I've gotten was someone running their mouth off. Again, not a visionary.

Damn. Who was it that said "More money, more problems? Yea. Cause things were great when we were poor!" I think that statement a lot.

Now I'm not going to get all buddhist on you and say that suffering is the way, though there were times I believed it to be true. (And in all actuality many buddhists wouldn't even tell you that.) But money isn't all that.

Now yes, I'd like to earn enough to have the luxuries and finer things, but I'd also like to earn enough that I could feel comfortable about giving 10% of my income to a charity. Yes. I read Peter Singer. I think he is overrated by those who read him and underrated by just about everyone else. [/sidetrack]

Of the two. Having enough to be secure in giving is more important to me. The world I live in, the things I do, I like to be aware of what's going on, the actions reactions, everything. I worked for a time as a political canvasser for the Democratic National Committee. Republicans didn't bother me, I'd joke with them. It's the people that were with me all the way to the voting booth and not a step further.

If you're gonna care about something or someone, COMMIT YOURSELF TO IT!

Guess I've been slacking on that end too, huh?

It's not money that makes hip-hop bad. It's lack of respect. Maybe by the artists, definately by the fans.

Hell, if you ask someone that listens to "hip hop" about flava flav, they're gonna say "OH YEA, THAT CRACK HEAD ON THE VH1 SHOW!" Oh, they've probably heard of public enemy. But they've never heard them. So then what about the old school? Who the fuck knows anything about them? The first step to committing yourself to something is understanding how and why it works, usually this can't be done without knowing history. People aren't interested in history, therefore they aren't interested in real hip hop.

So why aren't people interested in the history. How can people become interested in how and why good hip hop is good and new shit sucks? And why isn't the old school making a comeback? Hell Rod Stewart still makes CDs!

This is where I end this long ass rant. I've said enough and hopefully have given you some food for thought. Questions to consider.

I will say this though, if you're curious about my train of thought, the tracks started with the movie Bullworth. I'm a film punk though so just about everything for me starts with a movie.

This is one of my favorite scenes right here: http://www127.pair.com/critical/food-16.htm#scene-1

Anyway I'm sidetracking again or making this about a broader issue. So I'm out. See ya again soon.

[User Picture]From: vomitspit
2006-12-26 06:31 pm (UTC)
oldschools where its @. nice perspective.
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